Songbird / Melissa Gold


Cosplay by: Lin
Source: Marvel
Media: Comic Books
Debut: 2010
Status: Retired

Oh God, where do I even start.

I freakin’ love Songbird. So much.

From her rise in the classic Thunderbolts, conflicted and vulnerable and street tough circus act haha!!, then a bulwark against the craziness with ol’ fashioned superheroics during Civil War and Dark Reign. She’s just this amazing, engaging character that does not let go. Songbird will not stand down. Songbird will not take your creepy assassino bs. Songbird may possibly taste of delicious strawberries.

Super heart-shaped thanks to the gents from the Superhero Costuming Forum for recruiting me within their ranks — group hijinks and JUSTICE LIKE LIGHTNING and, and, totally making my con one super duper crime-bustin’ time. You guys are tremendous. I can’t wait for the reunion.


When I made this costume I chose to do my hair a little “wispier” than the straight broomstick she was drawn with. However, months later, the artist started rendering Songbird’s hair in the same wispy fashion. In conclusion, ALRIGHT RETROACTIVE ACCURACY!! yeah that’s me punching the air. It’s the small victories in life.



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