Nico Minoru


Cosplay by: Lin
Source: Marvel
Media: Comic Books
Ver. 1: 2008
Ver. 2: 2009
Ver. 3: 2012
Status: Retired

The obligatory Runaways family portrait. Please notice my judicious application of 5-second photoshop to Bria-as-Xavin’s chin. Because ballpoint pens are both frightening and semi-permanent. :C

This all started some Dragon*Con ago when we decided we TOTALLY HAD TO FER SURE do this about two weeks before the con because we’re all a little intense about Runaways. And it happened, and it was glorious, and we got accosted by confusingly drunk Ex Machina groupies and it was all a very handsome time.

I love these people. They are great people. I also love my hot hot lesbian alien girlfriends.



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