Commander Neesa

Vagrant Story

Cosplay by: Lin
Source: Squaresoft
Media: Video Games
Ver. 1: 2012
Ver. 2: 20??
Status: Active

Vagrant Story is my absolute favourite video game. I don’t even have words. It’s part of the Ivalice triumvirate of video game awesome, and it changed my life, and, really, it’s like a dead boyfriend because I can never stop talking and comparing everything to it. I also have a giant crush on Neesa of the Crimson Blades, because she’s badass and because war is change and we must follow suit, and because they go back for Grissom. :(

Because we’re such unrecognisable characters from such an unrecognisable game, we tried our best to coordinate some visual elements — I like to think we pulled it off quite well! Also, and I can never say this enough, a huge thanks to the amazing Sanna for being my Lady Samantha. <3


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