Tendo Choi (Gender Swapped)

Pacific Rim

Cosplay by: Bria
Source: Pacific Rim
Media: Film
Debut: 2013
Status: Active

Mako Mori might’ve immediately captured my heart when I saw Pacific Rim for the first time but Tendo Choi definitely got my attention.  Not only was he awesome with a fabulous sense of retro fashion but he was biracial.  I’m not even going to try and tell you that his half-Chineseness didn’t speak to my half-Chineseness.  ~It was meant to be~

I pulled the costume together for Jaeger Con 2013 and was thrilled by how well it came together.  The hardest part was getting my hair to cooperate but thankfully it did!  I’m also really glad that I got to wear this costume to Dragon Con and then accidentally run the Pacific Rim photoshoot.  Tragically I did not show up late with a bagel and double lattes in hand.

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