Sailor Hawkeye

Sailor Avengers by Ann Marcellino

Cosplay by: Bria
Source: Avengers / Sailor Moon
Media: Fanart
Ver. 1: 2012
Ver. 2: 2015
Status: Active

Avenging the earth by moonlight
Kicking ass by daylight
Never running from a real fight
They are the Sailor Avengers!

Making these costumes was a slightly impromptu decision but it turned out to be a fabulous one even if both of us are sick of sewing sailor fukus by now.  The minute we saw Ann Marcellino’s artwork, we knew we had to pick an Avenger and do these costumes.  My love for archers made Sailor Hawkeye an easy choice for me and Lin was super awesome for doing Sailor Black Widow and making us the awesomest Sailor SHIELD couple this side of Neptune and Uranus.  (Oh yeah.  The use of the Uranus boots and the couple vibes were TOTALLY intentional on our part.)

Oh yeah and then a few years later?  I got talked into making a version 2 of this.

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