Maria Hill


Cosplay by: Bria
Source: Marvel
Media: Comic Books
Ver. 1: 2010
Ver. 2: 2011
Ver. 3: 2012
Status: Active

Maria Hill is my girl and is made of awesome and haters to the left.

One of the first comic arcs that I read when I first got back into comics (aka: not a random trade) was Civil War, which left me with not very nice feelings towards Maria.  That is until I read Matt Fraction’s Invincible Iron Man.  I’m not sure when it happened but all of the sudden, Maria Hill because one of my favourite Marvel characters because, as they say, bitches get stuff done.  Then that awesome cover came out with Victoria Hand, Sharon Carter, and Maria Hill on it and Lin poked me and another friend and… yeah.  The rest is history.

I love wearing this costume so freaking much and I will probably never stop coming up with upgrades I’d like to make to it.  Dressing like an Agent of SHIELD is just awesome for so many reasons.  Plus, it’s a really really REALLY comfortable costume.  I feel absolutely at home in it.  Although it’s the costume that’s probably made the most appearances, I would love to wear it at conventions for longer and not just for the traditional ‘Captain America and SHIELD’ party Sunday night of D*C.

This is definitely the one costume that’s not getting retired any time soon and I keep coming up with more reasons to wear it.


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