Mara Jade Skywalker

Star Wars Expanded Universe

Cosplay by: Bria
Source: Star Wars Expanded Universe
Media: Novel / SciFi
Debut: 2013
Status: Active

Apparently I’ve been bitten by the Mara costuming bug too.  Oops?  Anyways, my friend Nic is awesome for bringing back her Mirax Terrik to join me for Star Wars shenanigans yet again.  Or, if you remember that little exchange from Dark Tide, That Time Mara And Mirax Got Arrested.  Subtitle: Mirax and Mara Take The Errant Venture For A Joyride.  (That’s funnier if you know that’s also what I named my car.)

My costume wasn’t based off of anything in particular.  I just pulled together something that I thought felt like Mara might wear in canon that is decidedly not the catsuit.  I was super psyched that people recognized me as Mara Jade anyways!


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