Mara Jade – Emperor’s Hand

Star Wars

Cosplay by: Bria
Source: Star Wars
Media: Books
Debut: 2014
Status: Active

I could say that I hate the leather catsuit but still wanted to costume as Mara and leave it at that but NOPE I can’t.  Ever since I saw the Choices of One cover artwork, I knew there was a better option for Mara Jade during her days as Emperor’s Hand.  Armor, folks, armor.  I knew that my armor capabilities hadn’t quite leveled up enough yet from my very first Mara costume to recreate the cover but that didn’t stop me from thinking.  I settled on focusing on upper body protection combined with freedom of movement.

My inspiration came from the armor worn by the Jedi in The Clone Wars and I thought it made sense that such an idea would carry through to the Emperor’s Hands.  More specifically, the chest and shoulder pieces are based off of Anakin and Obi-Wan.  I will now also swear by costumes with shin and knee guards as they make posing for pictures AWESOME.

I’m also really happy to report that this costume is Timothy Zahn analyzed and approved. :)

Thank you very much to Heather of Zhobot and Carlos Adama for the photoshoots they did with me at Awesome Con and Dragon Con!

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