Avatar: The Last Airbender

Cosplay by: Bria
Episode: “The Beach”
Media: Cartoon
Debut: 2012
Status: Active

Oh gosh if there was ever a character that I was probably meant to costume as, it’s probably Mai.  I’ve never had an experience before like I did the first time I put on the entire Mai wig and looked in the mirror because even without the costume, I felt like I was her.  I get to make bored and annoyed faces in ALL the pictures!

And of course Mai is nothing without the rest of the wonderful Team Fire Nation so shout outs and love to my cosplay sister Lin as Azula, Abby as Ty Lee, and Brian for being a good sport and letting us rope him into being Zuko a mere two or so weeks before D*C.

Future costuming plans include making her normal costume but in the mean time, this is absolutely the perfect costume to wear for the hot summer conventions.


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