Kate Bishop / Hawkingbird

Young Avengers

Cosplay by: Bria
Source: Marvel
Media: Comic Books
Debut: 2008
Status: Retired

Oh gosh.  LET ME TELL YOU ALL THE REASONS WHY I LOVE KATE BISHOP.  Actually no, that would be a horrible idea and we would be here for a very long time.  But let’s put it this way: Kate’s not just one of my favourite Avengers, she’s one of my top three favourite superheroes of all time.

While this was hardly the first costume I ever made, it was the first time I ever really tried to do a superhero costume.  Her current Hawkeye suit is absolutely on my list of costumes that I would love to do one day but I thought her “Hawkingbird” look was a good place to start.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many great pictures of this costume because I only wore it for Halloween that one year and also because I have since lost that horrid “freshmen 15″ and this costume is now too big on me.  One day though, one day I will take in the dress and get better pictures!  Or finally talk myself into doing her actual costume.


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