Chie Satonaka

Persona 4

Cosplay by: Bria
Media: Video Game / Anime
Debut: 2014
Status: Active

Lin and Heather pulled me into this Persona 4 world and it only took a few episodes of the anime for me to fall in love with the show.  From there, it wasn’t a hard for Lin to convince me that we just had to be Chie and Yukiko along with our friends at Zhobot /Sew&Bro for a Persona 4 group.

For some reason, we decided to be classy kids and don demon prom formals via amazing pixiv artist, じょにー!  This led to me doing a lot of yelling about how evil ruffles are.  They were, however, a great excuse to rewatch a Star Wars film while I pinned and hand stitched them all to the dress.

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