Asha Odekar – Cabinet Portrait

Saint Row IV

Cosplay by: Bria
Source: Volition
Media: Video Games
Debut: 2013
Status: Retired

A few months ago, my bro Heather had me play a bit of Saints Row 3.  Spoiler Alert: I’m terrible at it and frequently drove the cars into walls.  But I loved everything about the game regardless especially when I got to see some of the storyline.  The minute I heard about the plans for Saints Row 4, I was ridiculously excited.  And that game play?  And your character is the President of the United States and there is an alien invasion?  AWW YEAH.

Clearly it was a no brainer when Heather and Nate suggested that we do Saints Row 4 costumes and take advantage of being right on DC’s doorstep.  We hit up the National Mall and the Natural History Museum and have plans to go back again in the fall when it’s cooler and there are less tourists.  (Next stop, the White House?)

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