Hello, we’re Lin and Bria, and we have a debilitating love affair with cosplaying.

Every year at Dragon*Con, our annual pilgrimage to the land of party geeks and escapist revelry, we haul a wardrobe’s worth. And yet we never seem to make a dent in our List Of Things We Need To Make, a list so exhaustive it has organically separated itself into a warped entity made of Venn diagrams labelled with such dubious honours as the “No Pants List”.

So we’ll be documenting some of it here. Lord help us.

This is the cosplay section of The White Hot Room, which is our fashion and cosplay blog — please check it out for how we living the geeky fashion life, cosplay updates, and news in general!

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Lin & Bria






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I like things that take place in space, giant robots and magical girls, and 90’s JRPGs for the PSX. My favourite game is Vagrant Story.

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I live a Star Wars appreciation life with Marvel, Lord of the Rings, and a weird conglomeration of other fandoms on the side.  Houses Slytherin and Lannister represent.

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